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What is An Eyelash Lift and Tint?

An Eyelash Lift and Tint is a semi permanent treatment that lifts the eyelashes into a curl and tints them a darker shade. The curl is chosen specifically for each client and is based on lash length and eye shape. The final product mimics the use of a lash curler. The lift and curl makes the lashes appear much longer and sometimes fuller. It also makes the eye appear more open. Once the curl is complete, the lash is tinted to your desired shade of darkness. A dark brown or black is typically chosen to compliment both your complexion and eye colour. Many people tint the same colour as they would normally choose for their mascara. 

How does it work?

A lash lift uses a similar technology as perming you’re a hair, however, it is MUCH gentler than a perm. The lash shape is molded with a curling rod that is temporarily glued to your eyelid and a solution that breaks down the proteins in the lash is applied. This allows them to be reshaped. This step is immediately followed by a keratin-rich solution that conditions and strengthens the lash while helping it to hold its new shape. The lashes are then cleansed well and the dye is applied to frame the eye to give the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes, similar to wearing mascara.

How long does it last?

Results typically last about 6-8 weeks with proper care. The length of time also depends on the lash cycle of each individual.

Is it safe?

The materials used for an Eyelash Lift and Tint have been tested as safe for the eyelashes. However, because it is a chemical process there is a small risk of irritation or reaction to the surrounding skin. 

What to Expect During Your Treatment

A silicone shield is firmly glued onto your eyelid using the same glue that is used to glue on false lashes. Another layer of glue is then applied on top of the shield to hold your lashes in place before applying the perm solution. The size and shape of this sheild determines the curl and lift of the end product. The first solution is then left on your eyelashes to soften and make them easily moldable, followed by a setting solution that is applied to hold the curl. If you are having your lashes tinted, your lashes will be cleansed and the tint will be applied. Another cleanse and then the shield is removed. Voila! your morning routine just got easier for the next 6-8 weeks!

Who is a Candidate for an Eyelash Lift & Tint?

  • You have not had any eyelash treatments in past 4 weeks
  • You have natural, long straight lashes.
  • You do not have an eye infection, pink eye or styes.

Pre-Treatment Tips:

  • Do not wear waterproof mascara for 48hours prior to appointment.
  • Do not wear eye makeup to your appointment.
  • Wear glasses instead of contacts on your appointment day.

For 24-48 hrs following your lash lift and tint do NOT:

  • Get your lashes wet or expose them to steam, moisture or sweat.
  • Sleep directly on your face.
  • Apply makeup to your lashes.
  • Expose your lashes to heat or a tanning bed.
  • Directly apply any kind of lash serum or product to your lash line that contains oil

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